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"Dino" was the chubby proprietor of the Apache Motel. His nickname was based off the bowling shirt he was wearing depicting an image of Dino from The Flintstones.

The night after Day 8, Chase Edmunds and Jack Bauer checked into the Apache Motel so they could rest for the night. Dino handed them the keys for two rooms, and the two men went upstairs while Dino resumed reading a magazine at his desk. Sometime after Jack rescued Laurel Tenn and killed Brodur, Jack and Chase approached Dino again looking for some information. When Jack started to question him and entered his office, Dino grabbed a baseball bat and tried to attack them. Jack interrogated the man and threatened to hurt him with a knife; Dino confessed that he worked for the Night Rangers, who were paying him to ignore all their criminal activities. After Jack stabbed Dino in his kneecap, he also revealed that all of the Night Rangers' slaves were taken to The Crankcase or Fort Blake. Dino then tried to escape, but Jack knocked him out. (Deadline)

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