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General Dmitry Markoff was a Russian government official.

Markoff and Vadim Zalesky met privately with Grigor Nikunin after Nikunin began to doubt Arkady Malenkov's operation with the Firethorn mercenaries. Believing the operation would go along more smoothly in Russian hands, Nikunin asked Markoff and Zalesky to offer as much assistance as possible; the two officials agreed, albeit not without threatening Nikunin should the operation fail. After the mercenaries ran into trouble once again, Markoff and Zalesky analyzed video footage from Berbera International Airport and were shocked to discover Jack Bauer at the scene. Markoff told the mercenaries to stand down, and that a team of Spetsnaz agents were being deployed to Somalia. When Malenkov's operation failed, Markoff and Zalesky ceased assisting him, and later had him, Nikunin, and Yuri Puleshko assassinated.

After the Spetsnaz agents kidnapped Bauer, Markoff ordered Major Danko and his team to bring Bauer to Russia alive and to get a video confession of him admitting he was responsible for various events on Day 8. Markoff later received a call from Soltsin that Danko was on the verge of killing Bauer, and Markoff told him to relieve the major of his command if deemed necessary. (Rogue)

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