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The following is based on the account of Operation Nightfall from Findings at CTU, which was later retconned in 24: Nightfall.

Donovan C. Henderson was a two-star general in the United States Army, and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Special Unit for Counterintelligence Initiatives.

In the aftermath of Operation Nightfall, Henderson learned that the mission's intended target, Victor Drazen, had survived, with his decoy having been killed in the airstrike instead. Henderson secretly authorized a second mission using personnel from the Special Unit for Counterintelligence Initiatives to capture Drazen alive and extradite him to the United States, where he was held in the top-secret Mobile Underground Detention and Detainment prison network.

During the Drazens' raid on the Saugus detention center where Victor Drazen was being held, George Mason's efforts to authorize a raid to rescue Jack Bauer were stalled by someone at General Henderson's office.

Kevin Newton, a Judge Advocate representing Henderson before the House Special Subcommittee, testified under oath that neither the general nor his unit were involved in the deliberate sabotage of Operation Nightfall. Regardless, after hearing the extent of the MUDD program and the caliber of prisoners being held there, Representative Jayce Fulbright told Newton that Henderson could expect a full investigation from the Joint Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committee. (Findings at CTU)