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Doug Masters and his partner Mark Wexler were the Secret Service bodyguards assigned to Secretary of Defense James Heller during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

Masters reported to Secretary Heller that Audrey Raines was calling on a secure line. After Heller spoke with his daughter, he had Masters re-route the jet to Van Nuys Airfield, and told him to keep the landing off of the manifest. After Jack Bauer presented Secretary Heller with information about President Logan's involvement in the day's terrorism, Heller gave Masters the tape for safe keeping but had Masters and Wexler restrain Jack and Audrey.

Jack retook the tape at gunpoint from Masters, but almost immediately, Christopher Henderson and at least seven mercenaries arrived by chopper for the recording. Jack gave Masters back his weapon, and they worked side by side to defend each other. Masters was shot down by Henderson's men only seconds before Jack killed the last of them.

Live appearancesEdit

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