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Eden Linley was an assistant to Jason Pillar during Day 8. She went to CTU NY with Pillar to oversee the manhunt and assassination of Jack Bauer for Charles Logan.

Day 8 Edit

Once situated inside CTU NY, Eden was the only other person in the facility who intentionally assisted Pillar track down Bauer to be killed by Pavel Tokarev. At one point when she was confused with the computers, Pillar brusquely told the CTU staffer Devon Rosenthal to assist her. Later, she conspired with Pillar in one of the offices, and dimmed the windows for privacy while Chloe O'Brian and Arlo Glass looked on. After their sting operation (using Russian operatives loyal to Mikhail Novakovich) was foiled by Bauer and Jim Ricker, Eden and Pillar were dismayed, but their superior Charles Logan insisted that they keep looking. After the conspiracy was exposed, she was taken into custody.

Live appearancesEdit

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