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Eduardo was a Mexican narco-terrorist working for brothers Ramon and Hector Salazar during Day 3. He carried out much of the interrogation of Chase Edmunds.

Day 3 Edit

Eduardo and Emilio were ordered by Hector to find out what Chase Edmunds knew concerning CTU's investigation of the Salazars. Eduardo beat Chase with an arsenal of farming tools, and eventually used an electric cattle prod. At one point, he and Emilio were tired, and while they took a break, Claudia Hernandez went to speak to Chase. When Hector shot Chase in the hand to induce his compliance, Eduardo resumed the torture by dousing that hand in gasoline. Claudia re-entered after knocking out Emilio, and secretly gave Chase a knife. She suddenly threw the gasoline in Eduardo's face, and Chase jumped up and stabbed him to death, and the two fled.

Live appearancesEdit

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