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Ekel was an SVR operative working with Arkady Bazin to track down and kill Jack Bauer.

Ekel and several other SVR agents were given the assignment to kill Jack Bauer on orders from President Suvarov. Most of the operatives had no trouble following the order, but Ekel was hesitant, saying there were rumors that Suvarov was involved in the conspiracy surrounding the Kamistani peace treaty, and that Suvarov was after Bauer for personal reasons. Nevertheless, Ekel continued his assignment anyway. Ekel traveled with Bazin and his team as he helped the operatives track down Hector Matlow on a portable monitor. After telling the team that Matlow was hiding in an underground bunker, Ziminova blew up the trailer above Matlow's hideout, and the SVR agents captured Matlow. Ekel later assisted Bazin as he interrogated and drowned Matlow.

Ekel traveled to Los Angeles with Bazin's team so they could kidnap Jack's family. When Ekel spotted CTU agents stationed outside Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, he showed one of the agents his fake LAPD badge and instructed them to move. When they refused, Ekel killed the agents and reported back to Bazin. Ekel, Lenkov, Bazin, and Ziminova arrived at the basement of the hospital, waiting to spring a trap on Bauer. Once he showed up, they attacked and subdued him, with Bazin seconds away from murdering Bauer. Just before they could, Ziminova got a call from Moscow and stated the kill order on Bauer had been dropped. Bazin tried to kill Bauer anyway, but was caught off-guard when Stephen Wesley showed up, and Bauer managed to break free from his restraints. Bauer wrestled with Ekel's gun, forcing him to fire a few shots. One of the bullets hit an oxygen canister, causing it to spin around in the air. The canister hit Ekel in the back of the neck and killed him instantly. (Deadline)

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