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Ellen Kramer was an aide to former President Charles Logan during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Shortly after 3:00pm, Ellen came into Charles Logan's suite and informed him that President Yuri Suvarov was outside to talk to him. After hesitating a second, Logan told Ellen to bring Suvarov in. Ellen walked out and led Suvarov and his bodyguards in, until Logan asked him to dismiss them. After a brief conversation, Suvarov called Gregor and Vasily back in, and Ellen entered with them. After Yuri and his bodyguards left, Logan asked Ellen to find Jason Pillar. Only Logan was aware that this meeting was forced by Jack Bauer, who had a rifle aimed to assassinate Suvarov the whole time.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The second name "Kramer" was given in the Fox press release.

Live appearancesEdit

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