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Erica Vasquez was the mother of Jamey Farrell.

Day 1 Edit

She came to CTU to collect her deceased daughter's possessions. Alberta Green ordered Tony Almeida and Nina Myers to interrogate her. Jamey had confessed that she had turned for the price of 300,000 dollars. Alberta discovered that this money was located in Erica's bank account. Erica claimed to not know where Jamey had gotten the money and that she never asked. She was led to believe that Jamey had committed suicide, and was upset at being questioned. Almeida and Myers traced the money back to an account in Belgrade and used it to discover the second threat on the life of David Palmer.

Erica took custody of Jamey's son Kyle Farrell after her death. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

Background information and notes Edit

Live appearancesEdit

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