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Eugen Vlacic was the son of Maria and Petro Vlacic.

Underground Edit

Eugen left his apartment with his mother and father, shortly after Mishka Grenkov sent some of his men to murder Petro's family. Eugen was horrified after finding the thugs' corpses outside the front door, but Jack Bauer told him to ignore them and keep walking. (Underground #2)

To ensure their safety, Bauer took Petro's family to one of his safe houses. While there, Eugen listened to his parents arguing with Jack about the whereabouts of his aunt, Sofiya. Shortly after Petro and Jack left to go find Sofiya, Eugen entered the bathroom and called Agent Reese to let her know about Jack Bauer. (Underground #3)

Reese and David showed up at the safe house and questioned Maria and Eugen. Eugen confessesed that he overheard Bauer talking to Grenkov and that he and Petro planned on heading to one of his warehouses. The CIA agents tracked down Sofiya and Mishka, while Maria and Eugen stayed in the safe house. (Underground #4)