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Ferg, who was also known as Big Ferg, was an inmate at the Federal Holding Facility in Los Angeles, California.


Ferg, a former member of the Aryan Bloc, a white supremacist group, was arrested on weapons charges and incarcerated in the Federal Holding Facility.

Due to his associations, he was often the target of attack from the predominantly black and Latino inmates at the facility. Officer Adam Cox frequently broke up fights between Ferg and the others, leading to a grudging mutual respect.

Through some intermediary, Ferg was hired to kill Cox by Christopher Henderson, as part of his plan to eliminate Jack Bauer's contacts for the Zapata sting operation. On the evening of the prison riot at the facility, Ferg arrived in the mess hall for dinner along with the other inmates at 9:19pm. He appeared to get into a fight with a recently arrived inmate, but when Cox stepped into break it up, Ferg unexpectedly stabbed him several times, killing him. As Cox died, Ferg apologized, saying that it was "just business." (Chaos Theory)

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