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Fisher Pier was a pier located in Los Angeles.

The Game Edit

Tony Almeida received word of someone insisting on talking to him. Adam Kaufman transferred the call through, saying that the woman claimed to have vital information about Governor James Radford. The woman, called Kathy Weis, said that she wanted Tony to meet her, and she was risking a lot just speaking on the phone. They agreed to meet at Fisher Pier twenty minutes later. She said if Tony was not there then, she would leave. She also demanded protection and said that she wouldn't tell him anything unless she received protection.


As soon as Tony appeared, Kathy stepped into the light explaining that she works for James Radford and around two months ago she found an email dumped in the server trash that showed Radford was connected to terrorists. She gave him her keycard to prove it, but as soon as she did, the two hear the sound of an approaching chopper. Kathy was cut down instantly by a shooter on the chopper and killed. Tony dove for cover, shot at the helicopter and soon escaped from the pier.

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