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Terrorist with flamethrower

A flamethrower was a weapon which expelled a powerfully lethal blast of fire. Flamethrowers could be fashioned from hairspray and a lighted match, although some were more sophisticated with a fuel tank connected the the main gun. (CTU Operations Manual)

Day 5Edit

The terrorists during Day 5 used a handheld flamethrower in order to attack the motorcade of Russian President Yuri Suvarov just before 5pm. During the attack, Aaron Pierce managed to shoot the attacker carrying the flamethrower. As the terrorist tried to get up, Aaron shot his fuel tank, causing it to explode.

Background information and notesEdit

  • California has restrictions on private ownership of flamethrowers. The production created one with a propane tank so that effect gave off a flame stream without the spray, splatter and smoke produced by the authentic weapon.

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