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Flower Street, also known as Flower Avenue, was a major street in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

One of the Los Angeles Metro lines stopped on Flower Street. While riding the metro away from the Staples Center, the terrorist Zapata got off at the Flower Street stop to follow a man whom he identified as a rapist planning to assault a teenage girl also on the train. Taking a stun gun from his associate Francis Aguillar, Zapata repeatedly stunned the man while the girl ran away, promising to kill him if he ever hurt any more women.

While Dan Pascal was driving Jack Bauer away after capturing him at the Biltmore Hotel, Peter Jiminez rammed into their car while it was crossing an intersection on Flower. Jiminez, actually intending to kill Jack to hide his and Christopher Henderson's illicit activities, was promptly overpowered by Jack, who left both men there and took off in Jiminez's vehicle. (Chaos Theory)