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Frank was a burly mechanic who worked at Roker Dealerships Limited.

Shortly after Chase Edmunds and Mike Roker returned from a meeting with Ernest deSalvo, Frank and Josh told Chase that President Taylor resigned. The two mechanics started to argue about the fallout from the events of Day 8 when Chase got a phone call, quit his job, and abruptly stole Mike's car. Frank and Josh followed Chase to a diner and demanded that Chase give Mike's car back to him. When Chase refused and bad-mouthed Mike too many times, the mechanics attacked Chase. Chase, along with Jack Bauer, fought off the mechanics and left them subdued in the diner's parking lot.

Frank and Josh were later interrogated by Thomas Hadley while being treated by paramedics. Although they remained silent at first, the mechanics eventually opened up and told them that they saw Jack Bauer traveling with Chase. Hadley told Sheriff Bray to have Frank and Josh arrested for "aiding and abetting," and the mechanics were taken into custody by the local police. (Deadline)

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