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Frank Neal was an investigative agent working for CTU Denver during Head Shot. He was African American and in his mid-forties, of large build.

Head Shot Edit

Neal escorted Jack Bauer, who had been sent from CTU Los Angeles, around the Zealot compound which had recently been ransacked. Jack was there to help assess what had happened. They found a shaggy-haired man at the compound, who Neal insisted was not a Zealot but suggested they interrogate.

The man, called Lobo, said that the previous night he had watched as a green fog had covered the compound. Then, some "hog-faced" men shot and kidnapped all the Zealots before leaving. Lobo had been followed and fled from his cave home back to the compound. Before he could say any more his pursuers shot him through the chest, killing him. Seconds later a second shot went straight through Neal's head. Jack took out one of the two assailants, and the other fled. Jack fished the car keys out of Neal's pocket and pursued him in their vehicle.

Live appearancesEdit

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