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Fred "Peltz" Peltzer was a United States Army serviceman, and later a member of Delta Force.

Over the course of several missions, Peltzer became an expert on the Balkans, and intended to write a Lonely Planet guidebook about Serbia after his term of service. (Findings at CTU)

The following is based on the account of Operation Nightfall from Findings at CTU, which was later retconned in 24: Nightfall.

Bauer chose Peltzer as the intelligence officer for Operation Nightfall, a mission to assassinate Yugoslavian military leader Victor Drazen at his compound in Đakovica. Peltzer doubled as the team sergeant, responsible for assembling the group's gear and re-familiarizing them with the HALO jump technique. The team also included second-in-command Dwayne Shelton, weapons officer Brice Gardener, communications officer Haj Illijec, medic Gary Graham, and combat controller Roger Voss. After reactivation and briefing at Fort Bragg, the team flew to Aviano Air Base to deploy to Kosovo aboard an MC-130 Combat Talon,

After infiltration, Anvil Team followed the Erenik River until they reached the road to the manor compound where Drazen was supposedly hiding out. While Shelton, Gardener, and Graham broke off to disable the facility's antiaircraft guns, Peltzer, Bauer, and Illijec and went on a reconnaissance run of the house and barn. Peltzer, who knew every member of the Drazen family on sight, surveyed the approach of an armored limousine and confirmed that a man resembling Victor Drazen - actually a decoy - had entered the main building. After Hammer One destroyed the compound, however, the team's radio frequency was jammed, resisting Illijec's efforts to reestablish contact. Bauer ordered Peltzer and Illijec to head to the evacuation point while he went to assist the second team, but the two men were ambushed at the riverbank by Drazen's forces and killed in the firefight. (Findings at CTU)

End of information based on Findings at CTU.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Peltzer's role in Operation Nightfall, described in Findings at CTU, was later retconned by the comic series 24: Nightfall, which presents an alternate account of the mission and features an entirely different set of team members, including Stephen Saunders.

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