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Ghulam Mejab Khalid, also referred to as Gary Khalid, was a mailman who knew Abu Mousa on a superficial level. He was arrested by Nina Myers as a conspirator in the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. Jack Bauer thought he resembled the goon from Popeye.

Before Trinity Edit

Sometimes when on his mail round, Mousa would invite Khalid into his apartment to pray with him, as it was more convenient than doing it in the back of his mail van.

Trinity Edit

LAPD Detective Harry Driscoll found Khalid's fingerprints in the same house where a box of plastic explosives were uncovered. He brought this to the attention of CIA agent Jack Bauer, who decided to question Khalid. When Jack and Harry went to see him, Khalid explained that he barely knew Mousa. Jack realized it was a dead end and left. However, it was later discovered that Khalid had a medical degree and had performed the operations on Sam Collins, Marwan al-Hassan and other martyrs who had C-4 implanted in their arms. Nina Myers learnt of this and arrested Khalid.

Live appearancesEdit

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