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The Global Center was a building complex in Los Angeles, California.

During Day 4, Habib Marwan arranged to take a helicopter from the roof of the Global Center to a freighter offshore, along with Mandy, before Marwan's nuclear attack on Los Angeles. However, Mandy did not arrive, so Marwan decided to leave without her, realizing something was wrong. Just as he was about to take off, Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning, in a CTU chopper, arrived at the building and began to shoot at the helicopter. Marwan was forced out of his copter and ran down a level to avoid being captured.

On the next level, a parking lot, Marwan shot and killed a CTU agent. He then tried to shoot Jack, who managed to shoot Marwan's foot. The latter attempted to kill himself by jumping from the floor, but Jack grabbed a hold of him before he fell several stories to the ground. However, Marwan slit Jack's hand with a knife who lost his grip on the terrorist, causing him to be dropped to his death. ("Day 4: 6:00am-7:00am")


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