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Gokor Chivichyan (born May 10, 1963; age 54) played one of Bazhaev's henchmen during Season 8 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

Gokor Chivichyan was born in Armenia. He started training as a wrestler when he was 5 years old. As he grew up, he won several championships. He also started training and competing in judo, also winning several tournaments during the 70's.

In 1981, Chivichyan moved to Los Angeles with his family. He continued training and even worked with legendary trainer and stuntperson Gene LeBell. He also started training in boxing and Muay Thai. In 1987, he became a US citizen, and in 1989 he got married. His son, Arthur, was born in 1990. After this, Chivichyan retired from competitions.

After his retirement, Chivichyan opened the Hayastan MMA Academy in Hollywood, California, along with LeBell. At the academy, they have trained fellow stunt performers like Roman Mitichyan and Fernando Chien, among others. In 1994, Chivichyan also started working in the film industry when he served as a fight choreographer for the 1994 action film Streets of Rage. Aside of this, he also had a brief role in the film. After this, Chivichyan has continued a prolific career as a stuntperson.

Other films in which Chivichyan has worked are Bloodsport 2, Halloween, The Kingdom, and Takers (with Gideon Emery). He has also worked in TV shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI:Miami, True Blood, Dexter, Numb3rs, Gotham, and several other productions.

24 credits Edit

Stunt filmography Edit

  • Shadows in Paradise (2010)
  • Double Duty (2009)
  • Felon (2008)
  • Stop-Loss (2008)
  • Halloween (2007)
  • The Kingdom (2007)
  • In Enemy Hands (2004)

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