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Golding Glenn & Schechter (GGS) was an international banking firm, with branches in Hamburg, Germany; the Bahamas; the Cayman Islands; Dubai; and Switzerland.

During Day 9, to gain information on Margot Al-Harazi, Jack Bauer approached his former employer, arms dealer Karl Rask, and claimed he intended to pay back the $200,000 that he and Nils had been sent to pick up several weeks prior. Once Rask accepted the wire transfer on the GGS website, Chloe O'Brian would plant a virus to access all of Rask's past activities and hopefully find Al-Harazi's location.

Before accepting the transfer, Rask grilled Jack on the bank's procedures, claiming that if he had actually opened an account in Germany he would have dealt with someone named "Metzger." Despite being threatened to describe the man at gunpoint, Jack called his bluff, and eventually forced Rask to admit he had been testing him. Just before Rask could confirm the transfer, MI5 agents raided his warehouse, getting into a firefight with his men. Jack, evading gunfire, managed to reach the computer and hit "Enter", allowing Chloe into Rask's banking history. She found a series of transfers, totaling over $750,000, associated with Simone Al-Harazi's cell phone number, which allowed her to begin tracing Simone's whereabouts in Charing Cross. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

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