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A governor was the government head responsible for operating the executive branch of a United States state. A governor's areas of responsibilities is similar to a president, however with different and more regional and localized powers.

Notable governors Edit

Picture Name Served during Status
Mike Hodges Day 1 Alive
Hodges faced David Palmer in the primaries, losing all eleven states to the senator. Hodges remained optimistic, and his supporters included the mayor of New York City.
Jamesradford James Radford The Game Deceased
Tony Almeida followed the governor to Cherry's Diner where he was having a meeting with Max. Tony overheard their conversation and found out that Radford was complicit in the day's events because he believed that Max would help Radford become President. However, Radford believed Max's way of doing things went too far. As he told Max that he wanted out, Mandy came in and slashed his throat. Afterwards Tony had Radford's body picked up for burial.

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