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Grigor Nikunin was one of Arkady Malenkov's business partners in MPN Energy.

Nikunin met with Malenkov and Yuri Puleshko at Klub Rybakov so they could discuss Project Gilgamesh. When Malenkov told them that Maxwell Newbold and his team found a tracker on the missiles they stole and needed to relocate, Nikunin and Puleshko started to panic. Nikunin, being the more cynical member in the trio, already suspected that Malenkov's plans would fail after their botched attempts to make America go to war with the Middle East during Day 2. Against Malenkov's orders, Nikunin went to the Al Pash Grand Hotel so he could have a meeting with Dmitry Markoff and Vadim Zalesky. Destined to overthrow Malenkov and to take over the energy company, Nikunin asked for assistance from the two officials, knowing he'd feel more comfortable if the operation was handled with Russian operatives. Zalesky and Markoff warned Nikunin that they would need compensation in the future, and that if he betrayed them, his life would be erased, but Nikunin still asked them for help.

Despite Nikunin's plea, Malenkov's operation failed once the missiles were stolen from Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper and most of Newbold's mercenaries were killed. However, because Nikunin asked for help beforehand, Markoff and Zalesky were able to find Bauer; the officials decided not to imprison or kill Malenkov and his team, so long as they left Astrakhan and eradicated all traces of their schemes. As soon as they finished destroying all their evidence, the trio took a limousine to Narimanovo Airport. Just as they were heading to their destination, a bomb Mandy planted inside the vehicle exploded, killing Nikunin and his partners. (Rogue)

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