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Hakeem el-Jamal was an al-Qaeda commander and business associate of Karl Rask.


Two years before Day 9, el-Jamal made a deal with Rask to buy nuclear stinger missiles. Rask had them transported on the Barataria cargo ship to Mumbai, India. However, on the way a group of pirates led by Osman Xasan Muhamad boarded the ship. Rask was informed of this by Callum Trent and activated tracking on the containers, sending a strike team headed by Quin to retrieve the cargo.

He then met with el-Jamal at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia. He informed him of the incident, and el-Jamal told him angrily that he would send his own operatives to recover the missiles. He also demanded a refund, which Rask refused, but they settled on rebating him a third of his down payment.

Shortly before 4:00 p.m. the next day, the missiles had not been recovered so Rask met with el-Jamal at Saburtalo Cemetery to refund his money. He apologized for the situation and expressed his desire that they could do business in the future. After his sniper gave the all clear, el-Jamal went to his car. (Rogue)

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