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You may be looking for one of several other characters named "Hasan" or "Hassan."

Hassan was a known terrorist, one of whose conversations was intercepted by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Previously, Hassan had publicly promised to "turn the streets of America into rivers of blood." Shortly after escaping from an Afghan prison, a CIA listening station picked up a conversation between him and a Ukrainian arms dealer, in which Adrian Tintfass' name was mentioned. Jack Bauer brought in Tintfass and interrogated him, but could not establish that he had had any kind of contact with Hassan.

Allegedly, Jack remained convinced that Tintfass was instrumental in Hassan's next attack, and shot and killed him at Winston's Bar in the Fairfax District. In actuality, no such attack existed, and Tintfass's death was staged as part of Jack's undercover operation to apprehend the anarchist Zapata. (Chaos Theory)

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