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Helen Singer was the mother of Kyle Singer and the wife of Sam Singer. She lived with her family in Canoga Park.

Before Day 3Edit

Helen was sick and was on dialysis, which led Kyle to sneak some supposed cocaine into the country from Mexico.

Day 3Edit

Helen was concerned when Kyle paid the rent and discussed it with his father later. When Sam found out Kyle was smuggling drugs, he tried to stop him, but he tore the bag open instead. CTU thought this released the virus, but luckily it was part of a sting operation by Jack Bauer, Gael Ortega, and Tony Almeida. They tracked Kyle down but he was kidnapped by some of Hector Salazar's men. However, a CTU team managed to find him and, assuming that he was carrying the virus, put him into incubation and told him that he had a few hours to live. His parents said a tearful farewell to him, but soon after Dr. Nicole Duncan informed the parents and Kyle that he would be fine.

Live appearancesEdit

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