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Heydar was an inmate in the Anacostia Detention Facility in Washington D.C. during Day 6.

Day 6Edit

When he was arrested, Heydar managed to smuggle a cell phone into the facility which he used to keep up with events on the outside. To determine if the inmates were connected to Abu Fayed, as Heydar's friend Salim had implied, FBI Agent Samuels asked Walid Al-Rezani to obtain the phone so that CTU could access the numbers it had most recently dialed. In the phone's browser cache, Chloe O'Brian found a terrorist website that made mention of the "five visitors" that Walid overheard earlier, suggesting that the inmates were not active terrorists, but merely sympathizers. Before Walid could replace the phone, however, Heydar realized it was missing and assaulted Walid for betraying them.

Live appearancesEdit

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