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Interrogation is the extraction of information one by another used by both CTU agents and terrorists. There are different types of interrogation, such as psychological interrogation, pharmaceutical interrogation, and torture. The different types can be used in conjunction, as well as separately.

Torture Edit

Torture is a form of interrogation that implements pain in order to forcibly extract information from a source, such as a terrorist or suspected mole. Many people have been tortured or interrogated in order to release vital information.

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Day 1 Edit

  • Ted Cofell: was threatened by Jack to have a towel thrust down his throat if he didn't cooperate. Cofell claimed not to know anything, but later lunged at Jack with a HALO knife. Bauer broke his wrist and punched him in the heart. Due to his heart condition, he died.
  • Victor Drazen: Drazen was shortly interrogated by Jack but did not relent any information. Jack and Mark DeSalvo and the jail staff including Ray attempted to move him but they were all killed and Jack was captured.

Day 2 Edit

  • Jason Park: Park being tortured is the opening scene of Day 2. He is electrocuted in an intricate machine that monitors his blood/saline levels while delivering painful electric shocks.
  • Nina Myers: Jack Bauer interrogated Nina Myers about her involvement with the nuclear bomb. She was not tortured this day but Jack grabbed her throat and shot bullets just above her head.
  • Kate Warner: Kate and Paul Koplin were captured by Syed Ali and tortured. She witnessed Paul die and was about to be killed by Mohsen when Jack Bauer rescued her.
  • Paul Koplin: was captured with Kate Warner and tortured with salinitized water and other methods. He was killed before Jack rescued Kate.
  • Syed Ali: Syed Ali's suicide attempt was foiled and he was tortured by Jack Bauer for information about the nuclear weapon threatening Los Angeles. Bauer threatened to kill his family if he did not confess. Jack faked the death of Asad Ali, and Syed broke when Jack made it appear that his other son would be killed next.
  • Marie Warner: Marie was eventually caught by Jack and her sister Kate Warner and was interrogated by Jack Bauer. She was shot in the arm and the bullet was not removed, causing intense pain. Jack refused to give her painkillers or take her to the hospital until she told them the location of the nuclear weapon.

The GameEdit

  • Ho Shin: Was chased out of his shop and later questioned by Tony Almeida. Tony later released Shin after he gave up the whereabouts of Lee Jin Yu.
  • Robert Daniels: The man was interrogated in a usual routine by Jack Bauer with his vital signs being displayed on a nearby monitor.
  • Donna Madsen: This woman was interrogated by Bauer in order to find out where her ex Peter Madsen was located.
  • Del Toro: This petty thug was also interrogated on the whereabouts of Peter Madsen by Bauer.

Day 3 Edit

  • Chase Edmunds: After being captured by Hector Salazar's men, Hector had Eduardo torture Chase using electrocution and farming tools.
  • Nina Myers: Nina was brought back to CTU after Chloe killed her computer virus and tortured by Eric Richards and interrogated by Tony Almeida. After a few minutes of torture she was silent but then pretended to commit suicide by jerking the needle into her artery. She escaped in surgery and killed all her doctors except a nurse and hid inside CTU.
  • Stephen Saunders: Saunders was not tortured but threatened by Jack to put his daughter Jane in the infected Chandler Plaza Hotel if he did not reveal his couriers with the virus vials.

Day 4 Edit

  • Tomas Sherek: Tomas Sherek was apprehended by Ronnie Lobell and taken to CTU for questioning. Jack believed that the train bombing was just a cover for a bigger attack. Jack shot Sherek in the leg without permission, and he revealed the target was James Heller.
  • Andrew Paige: was kidnapped by Abdul Mahnesh's henchmen and taken an off-road highway site where they attempted to kill him after obtaining key information from him. Jack Bauer prevented them from carrying out said fatality.
  • Paul Raines: After CTU discovered Paul's name on the lease of the building where the terrorist attacks had been planned, Jack tortured him by electrocuting him with wires from a lamp, despite Paul's (truthful) insistence of innocence, and Audrey's pleas for mercy on her husband. Later, Paul was tortured by McLennen-Forster security guards in order to find the location of documents Paul hid which incriminated the company in the day's terrorist attacks, but Jack saved Paul by killing all three guards.
  • Joe Prado: A court order from one Judge Norton prevented CTU from interrogating Joe Prado, one of Habib Marwan's associates. The attorney David Weiss arrived with a Federal Marshal to ensure that Prado was unharmed. CTU decided to let him go, but Jack later knocked out the marshal and trapped Prado, broke his fingers, and threatened him with a knife until he gave up Marwan's location.
  • Jason and Kelly Girard: Two civilians who were spared their life in exchange for giving away the location of the stolen suitcase nuke they discovered. They were threatened by Marwan with the intent of inflicting pain upon Jason's injured leg.
  • Habib Marwan: Jack demanded to know the destination of the stolen nuclear warhead, so he shot Marwan in the arm and knelt on the undressed wound.

Day 5 Edit

  • Miriam Henderson: Miriam was held at her home by Jack and he asked her questions but she refused to give him any information. When Christopher came home Jack caught him too and shot Miriam in the leg to get Christopher to talk. He still refused and she was taken to the hospital.
  • Christopher Henderson: After being caught by Jack, Henderson was put through torture by Rick Burke, but would not break.
  • Collette Stenger: Collette was captured with the help of Theo Stoller and was subjected to torture. She named Audrey Raines as a mole and later divulged information of the Wilshire Gas Company, the target for a terrorist attack.
  • Audrey Raines: After being named as a mole by Collette Stenger, Audrey was interrogated by Jack then tortured by Rick Burke. Her torture was stopped by Jack later.
  • Walt Cummings: After admitting he helped the Dawn Brigade acquire weaponized nerve gas, Walt was interrogated by Jack, who used a knife and threatened to gouge out Cummings' eyeball if he did not reveal information about the plot.

Day 6 Edit

  • Graem Bauer: At his residence, Jack tortured his brother with a plastic bag and inflammatory drugs.
  • Abu Fayed: After CTU takes him into custody, Jack and Doyle bloody him up in order to get him to give up the bomb location.

Redemption Edit

Day 7 Edit

  • Ryan Burnett: Jack Bauer tortured Ryan Burnett in the White House after learning that he may have had knowledge about another terrorist attack in Washington, D.C. The interrogation was stopped when President Allison Taylor ordered marines to breach the room and take Jack into custody. Burnett was later interrogated once again by Bauer at Kennedy Memorial hospital but once again Jack was interrupted.
  • Alan Wilson: Shortly after the arrest of Alan Wilson, the mastermind of Day 5's events and member of a secretive cabal of American businessmen threatening to attack the US, Renee Walker entered his holding room with the intention of violently interrogating him. It is later revealed that she almost killed Wilson in the process. The event forced the FBI to dismiss her despite her previous actions of the day.

Day 8 Edit

  • Omar Hassan: Samir Mehran tortured Hassan in the hopes that he would read a list of his sins to Kamistan. However, as Hassan did not break after much torture, Samir read the supposed crimes then executed Hassan, which he recorded and uploaded to the Internet.
  • Dana Walsh: Under the advice of Charles Logan, President Allison Taylor authorized a private security firm led by Mark Bledsoe to take Dana Walsh away for interrogation to extract the location of an audio file, which proved the Russian Government's involvement in the murder of the Kamistani President, Omar Hassan. Though maybe not the only technique employed, water-boarding was used, however, Dana Walsh remained defiant, even mocking her torturer. Jack arrived at the location - accompanied by Walsh's fiancee, Cole Ortiz - in time to stop the planned execution of Dana, killing Bledsoe and his men in the process.
  • Pavel Tokarev: Jack Bauer tortured him, trying to find out who authorized the hit on Renee Walker. He realized that he could not break him no matter what amount of pain he caused Pavel, but killed him and cut into his stomach to retrieve a SIM card he had swallowed.

Day 9Edit

  • Kate Morgan: Radko tortured Kate under orders from Karl Rask in order to find out information about how they were compromised.

Pharmaceutical interrogation Edit

Pharmaceutical interrogation is torture conducted with pain-inducing chemicals in an attempt to gain information from a suspect. This has been used on many people, including Nina Myers in Day 3, Christopher Henderson in Day 5, Audrey Raines in Day 5 and Chloe O'Brien in Day 9. A overdose of these chemicals will lead to death, Tony Almeida seemed to be killed with an overdose (though it is later revealed in Day 7 he was revived within minutes).

In this type of torture, there is a chemical called hyoscine-pentothol that is commonly used.

Psychological interrogation Edit

Psychological interrogation is a form of torture that utilizes manipulating a source's mind in order to extract information. Sensory deprivation treatment (SDT) is a form of psychological interrogation.

Day 4 Edit

  • Richard Heller: was underwent sensory disorientation treatment following the kidnapping of James Heller and when it was discovered that Habib Marwan had been called from his cell phone. The only secret he was hiding was his sexual orientation.

Day 8 Edit

  • Marcos Al-Zacar: was interrogated over a video feed by Jack Bauer in order to make Marcos think twice about detonating his suit's pack of explosives.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Torture is widely considered an immoral practice, and 24 has been accused of promoting the use of excessive violence and torture in the minds of the voting public, in part to support the policies of former President George W. Bush's federal government.

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