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Commander Jackson Reichert was the ship commander for the USS Belleau Wood.

Reichert was woken up early in the morning, shortly after Maxwell Newbold and his mercenaries attacked the Barataria ship. Lieutenant McPhail informed Reichert that explosions occurred on the ship near the coast of Somalia, and Reichert told McPhail to wake up Spagnola so he could assemble a team to raid the ship. Once the Belleau Wood was close to the Barataria, Reichert and McPhail sent Chiang and his marines to explore the ship. After Chiang discovered radiation readings aboard the ship, Reichert ordered Chiang and his crew to return, shortly before contacting DOD. Reichert got into a heated conversation with Vice Admiral Auerbach; although he tried to offer assistance with the situation, Auerbach ordered Reichert's crew to sink the Barataria and to resume their patrol. Although he disagreed, Reichert eventually ordered his crew to destroy the ship. (Rogue)

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