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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Jai Singh Rathod was the head of the Anti Terrorist Unit in Mumbai, responsible for thwarting several terrorist attacks during his tenure.

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On midnight of Day 1, Jai was celebrating his wife Trisha's birthday when he was called into the ATU office for an emergency. He apologized to his daughter for missing the occasion, and in response she snuck out of the house to attend a party. Jai was informed of a possible assassination attempt on the newly elected Prime Minister Aditya Singhania, and learned that elements within ATU could be supporting the hit.

In1x09 Jai arrested

Jai in custody

Jai attempted to investigate while also helping his wife track down Kiran. However, he was soon contacted by Yakub Syed who had kidnapped both his wife and daughter, and co-erced him into assisting the assassination attempt. Jai managed to thwart their initial attempt, although he was implicated and had to escape custody in order to track down his family. He managed to successfully rescue them and kill Yakub, although he learned of others behind the plot who also wished Jai dead.

After meeting with Aditya, Jai deduced that associates of Ravindran were attempting to kill them both in revenge for Operation Trishul eight years previously, which was responsible for the death of Ravindran and his family. He tracked down Bala, Ravindran's son, who was planning to assassinate Aditya with an explosive necklace planted on his press secretary. After that, Jai followed a lead to a detention facility where he found Ravindran was alive and being held prisoner. Raja Talapathi stormed the facility, rescuing Ravindran and taking Jai hostage.

In1x24 Jai kills Ravindran

Jai kills Ravindran

Jai was traded for Bala, but Ravindran had kidnapped Jai's son Veer, forcing Jai to help with another attempt on Aditya's life. Jai saved Aditya, and went to meet Raja and Ravindran to get his son back. He killed them both, but found out another assassin was at the hotel trying to kill Aditya. Jai saved him, and uncovered a mole in Singhania's family, but shortly afterwards Trisha died of a brain hemorrhage she had suffered earlier that night.

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  • Jai is based on Jack Bauer from the original series.

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