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Jason Fujimora was an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Los Angeles, California.

Fujimora and his partner Holmquist were assigned to sequester Adrian Tintfass for the duration of Jack Bauer's undercover operation to capture Zapata. Under the official story, Jack shot Tintfass at Winston's for his part in an imminent terrorist attack by Hassan. In truth, the shooting was a ruse to place Jack inside the Federal Holding Facility with Zapata underling Emil Ramirez.

Wanting to know why Jack would have shot Tintfass, CTU agent Peter Jiminez visited Teri Bauer to question her on Jack's behavior lately. After he left, Fujimora pulled up next to him and sternly warned him to back off and stop asking after Jack Bauer.

Some hours later, Nina Myers traced a call made by Tintfass' widow Marcia Tintfass and found the FBI safehouse on Baden in Chatsworth where the agents were holding Adrian Tintfass. Furious, Fujimora let her in, claiming she was going to blow the operation whether he helped her or not. He explained that he and Holmquist were unaware of the reason for faking Tintfass' death, only that it involved an active CTU mission. (Chaos Theory)

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