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Jayce Fulbright was a Democratic congressional representative from California. Fulbright served as Chairman of the House Special Subcommittee that was convened in the aftermath of Day 1 to investigate the misconduct at CTU Los Angeles. Others on the committee included Pauline Driscoll (D-Conn.) and Roy Schneider (R-Texas).

Throughout the proceedings, Fulbright moderated the questioning of numerous key individuals, primarily Jack Bauer, as well as Tony Almeida and DIA Judge Advocate Kevin Newton.

In addition to presiding over the hearings, Representative Fulbright wrote the opening and closing statements of the report. (Findings at CTU)

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Rep. Jayce Fulbright: We must adhere ever so strongly to the principles of this nation if we are going to deter terrorism. We must maintain proper moral authority and a code of ethical conduct. Manifestations of lax governance are largely symptoms of forgetting. But none of us in public service, on any level, can afford to forget our sacred oath. We can never forget that the word government is just another word for our communities, our neighbors, and our families.

  • Rep. Jayce Fulbright: May I remind you that you are speaking to the representatives of the people of the United States right now. You might show them - and us - a little respect by checking that attitude of yours.

Live appearancesEdit

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