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Jesper Isberg was a Secret Service agent loyal to Vice President James Prescott and Mike Novick during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

When Lynne Kresge heard about a secret meeting between Vice President James Prescott and several of David Palmer's Cabinet members, she asked Novick if he was aware of it. Mike claimed to be meeting with Jesper Isberg from the Department of Defense on that matter, and Lynne insisted to be brought along.

Mike waited with Lynne at the meeting spot (a storage room at District) for Isberg to arrive. There, Novick determined that Lynne was loyal to Palmer. Novick then had Isberg lock her in the room and stand guard. Isberg was not from DOD, he was a Secret Service agent. Lynne escaped by staging a fire in the room; she struck Isberg with a fire extinguisher but he pursued her down several flights of stairs. When he reached her, they struggled, and she fell down the stairwell pit, sustaining brain damage. Isberg disappeared afterward.

Live appearancesEdit

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