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Jesse Escochea is a technical advisor and actor who appeared as several different characters in 24:

Jesse ran Street Heat tactical speciality group, providing military extras and tactical advise for the show. He has done so on many other TV productions, often appearing as in police cameos.

He has appeared in The District (with Denis Arndt and Michelle Forbes), Strong Medicine (with John Griffin, Ricky Schroder and Ryun Yu), The Lyon's Den (With Rick Ravanello and Pete Walsh), Line of Fire (alongside Maurice Compte, Brian Goodman, Leslie Hope, Michael Irby, Kevin McCorkle, Chris Olivero, and Pete Walsh), The Shield (with Benito Martinez), Lincoln Heights (with Vince Duvall), Standoff (with regulars Gina Torres and Michael Cudlitz), Life (with Brent Sexton), and Crash (with regular Dennis Hopper).

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24 credits Edit

CTU field agent

FBI police

Metropolitan police officer


CTU NY agent

Selected filmography Edit

  • Few Options (2011)
  • Huck and the King of Hearts (1994)

Television appearances

  • Crash (2008)
  • Life (2007)
  • Standoff (2007)
  • Lincoln Heights (2007)
  • The Shield (2006)
  • Line of Fire (2004)
  • The Lyon's Den (2003)
  • Strong Medicine (2001-2005)
  • The District (2000)

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