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Jibríl was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

Jibríl was among the 19 pirates that boarded and took control of the Barataria in the Gulf of Aden. When Osman found Callum Trent's laptop was encrypted, he called Colonel Newbold to guide them through the technical procedure. Osman called Jibríl, the most tech-savvy of their group, to speak with Newbold's engineer Pilar Sánchez, who guided Jibríl on how to connect his smartphone to the laptop via bluetooth and have Sánchez hack in to break the encryption. The men left Saleem to guard Jibríl while they searched for Jack Bauer, a renegade who was still loose on the ship.

After the encryption was broken, Jibríl gained access to the manifest of the weapons and the location of the container with the missiles. He informed Dubad and the crane team which container to get, and then told Osman. His commander ordered Jibríl and Saleem down to help the crane team with the containers. However, they were engaged by Jack, and Jibríl was killed.

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