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Jiro "Tiger Eye" Chu was an ASIS agent and one of Abigail Harper's friends.

Harper contacted Chu shortly after Jack Bauer was kidnapped so she could track the vehicle the kidnappers were driving in. After Chu gave her satellite imagery, he informed her that the kidnappers were heading for the Guleej Haji Highway. Chu kept observing the vehicle while Harper chased after the kidnapers; Chu later informed Harper that a flight carrying Russian officials had recently arrived in Yemen and was scheduled to take off to Moscow via Tbilisi. Harper told Chu to find an asset who could ground the plane so it wouldn't take off, but after searching for a while, he told her that he couldn't find anyone. Seeing no other option, Harper ordered Chu to try and ground the plane remotely, and to also send her a supply of weapons.

Chu managed to ground the plane and discovered that the Russian kidnappers stopped at a safe house. Harper also requested for tac support, but HQ figured out that Chu was giving illegal satellite feed to Harper and denied giving Harper any support. They also cut Chu's satellite feed, and Harper was forced to engage the Russians agents who kidnapped Bauer alone. Before Harper assaulted the safe house, Chu managed to locate an ASIS safe house and gave her the address so she could collect the weapons from the location. (Rogue)

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