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Johan Schupp was the second mate on the Barataria ship, captained by Markus Rohde, that was used to transport Karl Rask's weapons.

Simon Dedrick, the third mate, had been extorted by Osman Xasan Muhamad into letting his pirate crew onto the ship. Dedrick faked a man overboard report to Schupp, who ordered the engines to stop and the crew started looking for the man in the water. However, as they were distracted Osman's crew boarded the ship and took the crew hostage.

The crew were held for some time on the forecastle with Callum Trent. Sadiq Khalif Fárah, Osman's second in command, ended up shooting Callum dead which prompted the crew to charge forward in an attempt to escape. However, Feysal and Abiid, the pirates who were guarding the hostages, opened fire and killed them all. (Rogue)

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