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Johnson was a helicopter pilot and field agent working for CTU NY active during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Agent Johnson flew fellow agents Torres, Hurley and Cole Ortiz to retrieve material witness Victor Aruz who had critical intel on a possible assassination on the IRK president Omar Hassan. After Victor and Jack Bauer, who was approached by Aruz to contact CTU to get him immunity and protection and was then asked to deliver Aruz to the CTU agents, was attacked by two Red Square hitmen and couldn't make it to the destined helipad, Johnson rerouted and landed on a rooftop in West 21st on New York City. Jack managed to take out the hitmen and delivered Victor to Cole. However, a third hitman Davros fired a stinger missile from a nearby building, destroying their CTU chopper before the extraction, killing Johnson and Torres in the blast and critically injuring Aruz, who died several minutes later after telling Jack there's a mole close to Hassan.

Cole later asked an intelligence agent to give him the home numbers of Johnson and Torres and demanded that nobody speak to their wives before he did.

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