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KC Warnke (born January 2, 1973; age 44) was one of 24s location managers since the pilot episode, pre-dating even Kiefer Sutherland's involvement with the series.

Biography and careerEdit

KC Warnke was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has also worked on the films Carmen: A Hip Hopera and Follow the Stars Home, both in 2001 as the assistant location manager. Warnke also worked as location manager for shows like Southland (with Michael Cudlitz and Kevin Alejandro) and No Ordinary Family.

In 2014, Warnke was the location manager for the pilot of Legends, a new show by Howard Gordon.

24 credits Edit

Location manager Edit

Warnke worked as the location manager for the first six seasons with John Johnston and Bill McLellan. He did not receive on-screen credit until "Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm," however.

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