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Special Agent Kari Dell was one of the FBI agents working with Thomas Hadley in his quest to find and arrest Jack Bauer.

Thomas held a conference with agents Dell, Markinson, and Kilner after Rod O'Leary tasked him with finding Bauer shortly after Day 8. While Kilner pointed out that Bauer wasn't a criminal, Dell objected when she showed him the warrant for his arrest. Later, after Bauer found Kilner and took him hostage, Dell assisted Hadley as he and Markinson tried to run Bauer's vehicle off the road. When Bauer fled New York City, Dell and the other agents questioned dozens of witnesses in an office building Bauer went inside in order to acquire a chopper. Both Dell and Markinson grew suspicious of Kilner's behavior, pointing out that he didn't even try to kill Bauer, before the agents started forming a new plan. Minutes later, Dell informed Hadley and the others that a man in Pennsylvania found the chopper Bauer stole. Hadley ordered Dell to get a flight out of town, and the four agents headed to Pennsylvania.

With the help of Sheriff Bray and his deputies, Dell and the other agents followed various leads; they questioned more witnesses inside of a diner before interrogating two mechanics Bauer and his associate, Charlie Williams, beat up outside the diner. The agents figured out what kind of vehicle the men were driving before they started to piece together that Williams was really Chase Edmunds. Dell was later assigned to guard an impromptu landing site after Hadley forced their pilot to land the plane in the middle of a road, while Markinson, Kilner, and Hadley followed a group of bikers who had informed Hadley that they knew how to find Bauer. The next day, Dell and the other agents reported Hadley's reckless actions to their superiors, and he was sentenced to prison. (Deadline)

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