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Kasim Turkel was one of the primary members of the East Turkistan Independence Movement.

Cat's Claw Edit

In the beginning of Cat's Claw, Turkel met with Muhammed Abbas to discuss the attacks that would be coordinated by Ayman al-Libbi. Turkel later met with Abbas and his partner in ETIM, Nurmamet Tuman to give funds to al-Libbi. Turkel went to the G8 protest in order to have an alibi, but the surveillance team, including mole Nick Dyson, Agent McKey, and Tony Almeida picked him up using facial recognition software. He was arrested during the riot and was hurt when other protesters tipped over the police wagon. Jack Bauer interrogated him and got him to disclose information about the attacks before he passed out. He was presumably then detained by the FBI or CTU.

Live appearancesEdit

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