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Kate Morgan was the CIA agent and the wife of disgraced CIA officer Adam Morgan, until his apparent suicide. She lived in London, England. (


Early life and careerEdit

Adam Morgan Day 9

Kate with her husband Adam

Kate was the wife of CIA agent Adam Morgan, who was indicted for selling U.S. state secrets to the Chinese, despite protesting his innocence, and was placed in protective custody while awaiting trial. Prosecutors intended to try Morgan for treason, with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It's because of this that CIA agent and Kate's colleague Erik Ritter held a strong dislike for her, believing that she was well aware of her husband's alleged treason, despite her pleas of innocence.

For two months after Adam was accused of being a traitor, Kate was questioned by the CIA but was eventually cleared of wrong-doing. Despite being cleared, she was scheduled for a transfer back to America on the week of Day 9.

Day 9Edit

Pursuing Jack BauerEdit

Shortly after Jack Bauer's apprehension by the CIA a few minutes after 11:00 A.M., Kate was the first of the CIA members to be suspicious that Jack had ulterior motives and voluntarily allowed himself to be captured since he could have easily escaped from the roof, and that he isn't careless enough to be captured after having been off the grid for 4 years. Kate also figured he is there to break someone out, when her suspicions grew that Jack planted the intercept from Prague himself. Locking herself up in his holding room shortly before his transfer to Special Activities, she managed to make the calm Jack's pulse jump by mentioning he is there for someone. Her involuntary actions forced Navarro to bump up her leave and had her immediately leave the CIA headquarters, although she tased her escort and gave chase after Jack, who has broken another captive, his close friend and accomplice Chloe O'Brian out of Special Activities. Kate cornered Jack and forced him to surrender, but he pressed a signal in his hand, alerting his outside accomplice, who blew a hole in the roof with a rocket launcher, helping Chloe and Jack escape. Despite being on leave, Kate pleaded with Navarro to put her back on the case, which he agreed to. (Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm)

24 LAD episode 2- CIA agents stand-off with Bauer

Kate and Ritter pointing their guns at Jack.

After Jack and Chloe's escape, Kate had a friend, Ken (who works for a local police department) look into Chloe's phone, managing to track her and Jack down to the housing project where Jack had tracked Derrick Yates and his men to. Kate and the CIA apprehended Jack while he was trying to catch Yates, where he attempted to warn her before being shot in the arm by Aron Bashir, Yates' drug dealer who had survived Jack's attack in the apartment. Jack fled downstairs to a parking lot, where he captures Kate and informs her that he is trying to protect President James Heller and she was getting in the way of him doing his job. Jack knocked her out with a headbutt and escaped. (Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm)

After Bashir and his men in custody, Kate then questioned them, demanding what they know about the man who just attacked their building. Morgan kneeled down in front of Donny and noticed his rope burn from when Jack hanged him. She offered to get him treated for his subdermal hemorrhaging if he helped her. Donny gave up Derrick Yates' name before Bashir angrily told him to keep quiet. Morgan rounds on him next, while Ritter stepped away to take a phone call. Kate then confronts Bashir to know who Yates is and what Jack wanted with him. Bashir remained uncooperative and told her that she isn't with the local police and to "piss off." Ritter told her that Navarro wants them off the premises as soon as possible, so Kate agreed to let the drug dealers go. After Ritter orders the dealers to be released, she ordered them to leave Bashir behind, then steps behind him and pistol whipped him. Morgan tells Ritter, who is incredulous, that he knows Bauer's purpose in coming there and they need to find out what it is. After Ritter reminded her of what will happen if they are exposed, Kate says that she knows about the repercussions about that. Ritter then helps her carry Bashir to their vehicle. Later, Kate and Ritter drive Bashir to an unknown destination, Ignoring Bashir's saying he has no information, Kate directed Ritter to turn into a decrepit tunnel and stop by a service door, where several gang members are congregating. Kate nonchalantly says that she looked into Bashir's background and knows about his run-in with the Tamil Boys a year ago, where his group ripped off theirs in a heroin deal and left one of their members dead. She asks if he thinks they've moved on, while Ritter, smirking, tells him that he's free to leave. As the gang members circle the vehicle, Kate unlocked the doors and lowered the windows, until finally Bashir gave in and confessed that he was protecting Yates while he worked on some sort of drone interface. He also reveals that Yates also talked about someone named Tanner during that time. Kate told Ritter to drive away just before the Tamil Boys reach the car.

While on route to the Embassy, Kate read First Lieutenant Chris Tanner's file and told Ritter that the pilot claims someone took control of his drone before the attack happened, although DoD hasn't found any evidence to support his claim. Kate says that the drone incident and Jack Bauer's actions are part of a connection that she can't figure out yet. Ritter admiringly says that he is impressed with how she was able caught on to Bauer's plan and got Bashir to talk, yet can't even understand how she missed her husband's traitorous actions. She replied that she asks herself the same question every day. Suddenly, Kate received a phone call from Navarro, who was furious to just have learned that she and Ritter abducted a UK citizen against his orders. However, he softens when he learns that Kate found evidence linking Bauer to the drone attack this morning, and gives her authorization to interrogate Tanner. After ending the call, Morgan told Ritter that they are clear to head for the embassy, explaining that Navarro wants to catch Jack Bauer as badly as she does. Ritter jokes that he thought that was impossible. As they reach the United States Embassy in London which is under massive protest over the drone attack, Kate and Ritter get out of the car. Then some shots rang out, as Kate heard Jack saying that the Embassy guards are shooting at them, she and Ritter deal with the chaos. Then she saw Jack and called out his name. After Jack briefly turns at her, he ran through the chaotic crowd with Kate and Ritter pursuing him. After Jack entered the Embassy, Kate again shouted out his name as she continued to pursue him.("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Kate would take Jack into custody because she trust him about a possible terrorist attack knowing that Marines will kill him. ("Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

Drone attacksEdit

After sneaking off with the flight key. She contracted Chloe for help from the flight key. Kate contracts Chloe O'Brian again after she discover that the lead to Margot Al-Harazi do not make sense because of how easy the trace was by Jordan. Kate secretly allow Chloe O'Brian access to the original tape giving her CIA access. Thanks to Chloe O'Brian Kate is able to warn Steve and the CIA team that it is a trap for them. ("Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

After the events of ambush of the CIA team with several members killed or injured, President Heller authorized Jack to go back into the field who request Kate to go with him for the covert operation. Jack would then tell Kate he is meeting with Karl Rask, who the CIA been to hunt down for a while. Jack tells Kate in order for the covert operation to work, he would have to have her unconscious so there would not be much suspicion on his return. Kate agrees to the plan injecting herself where Jack would place her in the back of the truck. Once Kate had arrived at the location, Karl Rask orders his men to take Kate elsewhere to be torture for information. She would continue to resist the men who would be asking her question about how much she know about them. After an MI5 team attack the building leaving only guard remaining with Morgan, she would free herself placing her leg on the guard's neck and killing him with his knife. Jack would carry Kate Morgan out of the warehouse with most of Karl Rask's men dead. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Jack and Kate would head for St. Edwards Hospital, where Simone Al-Harazi currently is after she was hit by a bus. They met up Chief Inspector Helen McCarthy of the London Metropolitan Police, who tells them about the accident and that Simone killed Farah Azizan and Farah's daughter Yasmin is in the exam room. Kate and Jack would separate where she would talk to Yasmin about what had happen. She learns from Yasmin that Simone is her aunt, having married her uncle Naveed Shabazz and she was trying to tell her and Farah to leave London before Simone killed her mother.Jack and Kate talk about Yasmin but spots a man that looks suspicious. When McCarthy asked for his identification, the man fired on them. Kate and Jack would chase after the hitman Kareem, where he would be killed by two British policeman. Jack warns Kate and McCarthy that Margot has launched a drone to kill Simone. Kate would go find Yasmin hiding and get her out to safety before a drone missile hit the hospital. Then she and Jack would get into their car with Simone in the back while being chased by a drone. After Kate and Jack take advantage of switching vehicle, where they would hide under a tunnel where Jack would set up a decoy with the last car blowing it up making Maragot think Simone is dead. Jack and Kate take her to the CIA infirmary while Jack is called back to State Residence to meet with the President. She reported that Simone's prognosis was not good. ("Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

Background information and notesEdit

  • Kate is the second blonde female lead character to share this first name. The first was Kate Warner.
  • Actress Yvonne Strahovski once commented on the show's change in tone: "Right. Also, in watching the show – I’ve been binge-watching 24, just like I binge-watched Dexter – I saw it was a whole different kettle of fish. The writing's different, the acting's different. So it's my challenge to come up with something different again, to what I've been doing in the past. I think so far I've been lucky enough to play very different, diverse roles, an this is an opportunity for me to do that again." Strahovski also compared the character of Morgan to Jack Bauer on Day 1 due to the character's rookie status. IGN
  • Morgan's CIA ID number is 27983617. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Live AppearancesEdit

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