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Kevin Beard (born April 7, 1970; age 47) is a stunt performer who portrayed Officer Barber in Season 2 of 24. He later played an unnamed CTU agent in Season 4.

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Thomas Kevin Beard was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He began his Hollywood career as a stand-in on the 1988 film Mississippi Burning. After that, he moved to acting and stunt performing, while also working in a variety of other roles, most notably production assistant.

Through his career, Beard has performed stunts on films like Traffic, Training Day, Spider-Man, The Mist, Halloween II, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, among many others. He has also had small roles on films like Collateral Damage (with Raymond Cruz) and Get Hard, as well as shows like Numb3rs (with Peter MacNicol and Tim Guinee) and Any Day Now (with Tony Donno and Donzaleigh Abernathy).

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