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Khaled was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

Khaled was one of the 19 pirates that boarded the Barataria in the Gulf of Aden, taking control of the ship. After they had taken the crew hostage in the pilothouse, Khaled and Samir stayed with the hostages while the others went down to deal with Rask's men on the deck. Samir and Khaled held Captain Markus Rohde while Osman threatened him. They then took the crew down to the forecastle with the other prisoners.

After Jack Bauer was discovered to be hiding on the ship, Osman ordered Samir and Khaled to accompany him to locate the renegade below decks. After entering Hold 3 and cutting off the light, they were caught out when Jack fired smoke grenades at their position. As they escaped the smoke, Jack shot Samir and Khaled with his HK, killing them.

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