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This is a description of Kim Bauer's actions on Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

8:00am-9:00am Edit

At the start of Day 2, Kim was brushing her teeth when Megan Matheson, the child that she cared for, ran into her bedroom and hid in her bed. Kim asked what she was doing, and she said hiding from her father. Gary Matheson then entered the room and found Megan and began to play with her. Kim watched, smiling, before Megan ran away. Gary stared at Kim for a while, before asking her how she kept up with Megan. Kim laughed that it was not easy, and Gary continued to stare. Megan shouted for Gary to find her, and he left the room.


Kim has breakfast with Megan Matheson

As Carla Matheson made breakfast for everyone, she asked Kim to look out for a package that would be arriving later in the afternoon. Megan announced that she was going skateboarding, and her mother made she that she knew to put her protective gear on before doing so. As Carla left, Gary said goodbye her and made sure Kim was watching as he openly groped her. After Carla had gone, Gary said that Kim had a great body and asked if she worked out. Kim said that she liked to swim. After breakfast, Kim and Megan went outside to skateboard.

While they played, Kim's father approached the two. Kim told Megan to go play in the back garden as she asked Jack what he was doing there. He said he wasn't there to ask to hang out, he just wanted to say hi because he missed her. She told him that every time she saw him, it made her think of her mother. Kim went on to say that although she knew it was not his fault, it was too hard for her at the minute. Jack said that he knew it was his fault but before he could continue Kim embraced him into a hug and said that she was not ready yet. Megan shouted for Kim to come and play, and she bade farewell to Jack.

At 8:30am, Kim and Megan were back inside the house. Kim saw that Carla had returned to the house, and was wrapping a something that she was supposed to give to Gary as a gift for his assistant, but had forgotten. Kim offered to help but Carla said that Gary liked things done "in a very specific way". She told Kim to take Megan upstairs to play, and Kim agreed. Later, Jack called Kim and tried to tell her of the nuclear threat but she was uninterested, saying that she was not ready to see him. He told her to get out of the city and go to Aunt Carol's, but she hung up. Kim continued to play with Megan at the house. She heard a car pulling up, and saw Gary arriving back at the house. He began to argue loudly with Carla. Megan asked to go somewhere else, saying that she does not like it when "he gets like this". Kim asked what she meant, but before she could continue Gary stormed upstairs. Kim locked the door, but Gary knocked and demanded to be let in. Kim told him to wait, saying that they were in the bathroom. She eventually opened the door, and Gary asked if they heard anything. He said that Carla had a little accident and slipped, but she was fine. He told Kim to go and see if she was OK, but Kim was reluctant to leave Megan alone with Gary. He knocked Kim to the floor, and Megan began to cry. As she tried to run to Kim, Gary pulled her back and Megan hit her head on the metal edge of the bed. As Megan whimpered, Gary answered a call on his phone and Kim looked up at him, terrified.

9:00am-10:00am Edit

Gary angrily told his co-worker to call the rep and tell them what the matter was. He noticed Kim trying to move over and help Megan, and yelled at her to stay. As he continued with his call, Kim motioned for Megan to come to her, but the young girl was too scared to move. As her father turned around, Megan ran to Kim and they left the room quickly. Downstairs they encountered Carla, who had a black eye. She told Kim to take her car keys and get away from the house. Gary noticed their absence and ran downstairs but failed to see them, or Carla who hid behind a wall.

He ran outside just as Kim and Megan were pulling away in the car. He threatened to kill her unless she stopped the car, but Kim ignored him and drove away. As she left, Gary called his Star-Sat operator to track the vehicle. Later, Kim was driving down an alley to get to a police station. Megan complained that her head hurt, and Kim told her they would get there soon. Suddenly, Gary pulled up in his car. Kim, noticing that another car had blocked them in unintentionally from the other end, began to panic as Megan begged for her to make him go away. Gary told Megan to come to him, but she shook her head fervently. Kim locked the doors but Gary, using a spare set of keys, unlocked them. Kim decided that they should run, and she and Megan leapt out of the car and ran in the opposite direction to Gary. He instantly began to chase them. The girls hid behind some boxes after turning a corner. Moments later Gary arrived, but was unable to find them. He called for Megan, telling her that Kim was going to hurt her. When she did not respond, Gary became angered.


Gary insists that Kim tell him where his daughter is

Gary continued to search around the area, now in his car. Megan and Kim stayed behind a pile of cardboard boxes. The young girl began to complain that her head hurt a lot, and Kim said that they could not stay there, and that she needed to make a phone call. Megan refused to move, and Kim decided to leave her on her own behind the boxes while she left the make the call. After covering Megan in many boxes, Kim left. When she reached the phone and dialled 9-1-1, however, she noticed Gary's car and moments later he came up behind and demanded to know where Megan was, saying that the police were after Kim for kidnapping. She told him to let go of her and he agreed, apologizing for hurting Carla. He said that he would not hurt Megan, and he had merely been under a lot of stress lately. He told Kim that she was right for taking Megan away from that situation, and asked to see her so that he could apologize to her and ensure that she would not be afraid of him. Kim told Gary that if he went home to Carla and she was alright with it, Kim would bring back Megan. Gary became enraged at Kim telling him what to do, and as he began to shake her Kim kicked Gary in the knee and ran away.

He chased after her and soon Kim reached a dead end, trying to climb over a fence. Gary pulled her down and slammed her onto a car bonnet. She continued to try to get away, but he clawed at her leg. Kim grabbed a crowbar and hit Gary in the head but that did not stop him; he pushed her against the car and demanded to know where Megan was. She kicked him again and managed to hit him once more with the crowbar, knocking him out this time. She ran back to the boxes where she hid Megan, but found that the young girl had gone missing.

10:00am-11:00am Edit

Kim frantically searched the area, but was unable to see Megan. She eventually saw the girl being taken down an alley with a group of boys. As Kim ran up screaming Megan's name, the boys fled. Kim reached Megan and, shaking her, demanded to know why she moved. Megan, beginning to cry, said that she was looking for Kim. Realizing that she was being too harsh on Megan, Kim pulled her into an embrace. They found a payphone on Spring Street and called Kim's father Jack, but he was undercover trying to stop an attack on CTU and could not converse properly with his daughter. He tried covertly to tell her to go to Aunt Carol's, but Kim said that she lives too far away, in San Jose. After Jack hung up on her, Kim called CTU and got through to Tony Almeida. Kim explained that she spoke to her dad but he hung up on her, and she was in trouble. Tony said that Jack was on a job, and offered to help. She said that she had the police after her, but as she tried to explain her innocence there was static interference on the line. He told her he would send someone to get her, but she said that she could not stay where she was. He told her to come to CTU and they would straighten everything out, and she agreed.

On the bus, Megan asked about Kim's mother. Kim reluctantly tells her that she passed away. Megan then asked about Kim's father, and wanted to know if Kim made him angry. Kim replied, "sometimes." Megan told Kim that she always made her father mad. Kim tried to tell her that when her dad got mad, it was not Megan's fault. Megan told her that Gary always said that it was, and Kim said that he was wrong. She told Megan that she would not let Gary hurt her again. They arrived at CTU a short while later. Megan asked him where they were, and Kim told her that they were safe there, not realizing that terrorists had just set a bomb to go off at the government facility within the next seven minutes. Just as they got into the building, Agent Powers told them that they had to evacuate, and despite Kim's pleas to see Tony, he ushered them away. After the blast, Kim ran frantically away with Megan, who cried for her mother.



The paramedic treats Megan

Kim and Megan survived the attack, and stood by and watched as the injured were cared for. Kim told Megan that she was being very brave, but when a woman with severe cuts to the head walked past, Megan began to feel unwell. Kim promised Megan that they would leave soon, but Megan began to seize. Kim called for help, and an EMT named Andrew came to their aid. He instructed Kim to hold her down as he confirmed that she was seizing. Andrew took her away to get her to the ER.

By 11:15 they were at St. Virgil's Hospital, and a doctor told Kim that Megan's seizure was caused by pressure on the brain compounded by a skull fracture that occurred before the blast. Kim looked confused as the doctor told her that the X-Ray showed prior injuries that were left untreated including a fractured wrist and several broken fingers. The doctor reaffirmed her point; she believed that Megan had been physically abused at some point in the past. She glared at Kim, when realized that the doctor thought Kim was responsible for the injuries. When Kim tried to plead her innocence, the doctor said that she would leave it to the police.

Kim called Carla Matheson to tell her about Megan. She told her that it was because of Gary's abuse of Megan that she was at the hospital, and said to Carla that she needed to stop making excuses for Gary. She told Carla where the hospital was, and she set off to join Kim and Megan.


Police arrived at the hospital and Kim got nervous. She began to move away from them and bumped into Gary, who promised to tell the police that the kidnapping charges were a misunderstanding if she agreed to leave. If she did not, she would be arrested for "kidnapping" Megan. Kim asked where Carla was, and Gary ignored the question, saying that the police would believe that Kim was the one who hurt Megan once they spoke to the doctor. Kim said that all she had done was protect Megan from Gary, but he rebuked that the only thing that could be proven was that she took Megan without Gary and Carla's permission. Kim said that Carla would not back up Gary but he insisted that she would, offering for Kim to call her. Kim was becoming more nervous as the police got closer, and Gary reminded her of his offer and told her to never go to his house again. Eventually she agreed and fled.

Kim later called Jack, who asked if she was on her way to Aunt Carol's. She said that she had not left yet, explaining about Megan. Jack insisted that she had to get out of Los Angeles and, against his better judgement, decided to tell her about the nuclear threat. She was scared, and he told her that she could not tell anyone about it, and to leave right away. She agreed. However, she called her boyfriend Miguel and asked him to come and help her because she was in trouble. At first reluctant, he agreed when she said that it was important and that Megan needed help. He arrived in a cab and Kim angrily told him that they needed the car. She updated him on what was happening with Megan; her father had knocked her to the ground and there was evidence of other injuries, but she could not talk to the police because Gary had framed her for kidnapping. She told him that they had to get out of the city because her father told her that something bad was going to happen. Eventually Kim decided to tell him about the nuclear threat and he insisted that they should leave. Kim refused to without Megan, and so he agreed to help get her out.


Miguel paged Gary in order to keep him out of his daughter's room so that Kim could get Megan out of the hospital. Kim convinced Megan that it would be best if she went with her, and the two of them left her room. Later, Gary realized that Kim had taken his daughter so he alarmed hospital security of the situation. While Kim and Megan hid in an exam room, Miguel created a diversion so they could escape. Kim and Megan were able to escape, but Gary spotted them and physically attacked Kim. Miguel arrived and knocked Gary out unconscious, he then took Gary's car keys and stole his car.


Miguel and Kim headed towards Kim's Aunt Carol's house, while Megan slept in the back seat of the car. They were pulled over for speeding by Officer Brown and he asked Miguel for his license and registration. Kim explained that it was her boss' car and the officer decided to give them a warning. However, he noticed that blood was dripping from the trunk. Officer Brown opened the trunk and saw a corpse. Kim was shocked to see Carla's dead body and she told Megan to stay in the car, while Brown arrested Kim and Miguel.


Kim and Miguel tried to explain to the officer about the situation and Kim gave him the number of CTU. When Officer Brown was unable to get into contact with the federal authorities, he became suspicious something was up. After having arrived at the police station, Kim came into contact with Jack and he arranged for her to be picked up. When Officer Brown confronted Kim about her not wanting Megan in Los Angeles, she revealed to him the situation about the nuclear bomb.


Kim is told that she and Miguel were to be transferred to central booking in downtown Los Angeles, as them being suspects in a murder overruled CTU's order for them to be released. Megan's aunt, Emily arrived at the police station, and was give custody of the girl. Since Emily's house was in Santa Barbara, Kim was relieved she would be out of the bomb's range. While being pushed into the police squad car, Miguel tried to resist arrest and he gained access to a lighter.


While being transported to central booking via the 118, Miguel insisted on attempting to escape from the car. He convinced Kim to grab his bandana and set it on fire which distracted Officer Brown and forced him to lose control of the car. The car tumbled off to the side of the road and crashed. Kim was able to escape from the car, but she refused to leave Miguel. He insisted that she leave and so she ran into the woods in San Fernando. Kim was able to avoid being captured by the police helicopters.


Kim got trapped in the woods by a cougar.


As Kim ran through the woods, she trapped her foot in an animal trap. She assumed the worst and nightfall descened upon the forest. Not being able to see what was heading her way, Kim was relieved when a man came to her rescue. The man insisted on taking her to the ranger's station, but Kim refused. The man decided to take her back to his home, in order for Kim to get some shelter for the night.


Lonnie McRae took Kim to his cabin in the woods and she admitted to him that she knew about the imminent nuclear threat in Los Angeles. Lonnie took Kim to his basement, to show her his bomb shelter. When Kim discovered a number of weapons in Lonnie's basement, she became frightened and insisted on leaving. As Kim prepared to leave, McRae pretended that all the stations on his radio have gone static. He made Kim believe the nuclear bomb had gone off so he locked the two of them in his bomb shelter.


Lonnie McRae gave Kim a cup of coffee and Kim asked for sugar, with Lonnie telling her it was on a shelf while he continued faking the radio being out, while getting the sugar Kim found a working TV and saw the new broadcast confirming that the bomb had not gone off, confronting him with a knife which he easily disarmed her, after this he released her and gave her a gun telling her that if she encountered Cougars to shoot in the sky and it would scare them off, parting ways Lonnie asked Kim if she would ever return and she said no.




Gun pointed at Kim

Kim held gun point by Ramon

Kim escaping store

Kim tries to escape

By midnight, Kim was still being held hostage by Ramon Garcia in the convenient store, with the owner shot and killed. Ramon blamed Kim for getting him into this mess, and raised his gun at her. He asked for a reason and Kim explained that her father was killed in the bombing. Ramon ordered the police to take his wife elsewhere or he would kill Kim. The police followed his orders but still didn't turn himself in, wanting to know for sure that his wife was safe. While talking to the police on the phone, Kim managed to escape the store through the back entrance.








Kim was outside with Megan when she ran into her father. Kim tried to avoid Jack and she told him she wasn't ready to see him. When Kim brought Megan back to Carla's home, she became uncomfortable when Gary began to eye her sexually. Kim and Megan later overheard Gary physically abusing Carla but he claimed she fell down the stairs. When Megan began to cry, Kim attempted to comfort her, but Gary knocked her down, injuring his own daughter in the process.

While Gary took a phone call, Kim and Megan snuck out of her bedroom. Kim went to see how Carla was, and she gave Kim her car keys and told her to take Megan away. However, Gary was able to track Kim with his security system. Gary trapped Kim and his daughter in an alley, but they were able to escape and Megan hid under some boxes whilst Kim attempted to call the authorities, but Gary arrived and prevented her from doing so. Kim fought him off and she eventually knocked him unconscious, but Megan was nowhere to be seen.

Kim eventually found Megan on the street and she assured her that everything would be all right. Kim called Jack from a payphone but he was unable to speak to her as he normally would as he was undercover with Wald's crew. Kim then phoned Tony Almeida at CTU and told him about the situation she was in. Tony told her to come to CTU. However, an explosion occurred at CTU just as Kim and Megan arrived. Despite not being in the main building during the explosion, Megan seized and was rushed to hospital.


Kim tells Gary Matheson about Megan's head injury.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctors informed Kim that Megan received a blow to the head and multiple body injuries had been discovered, including several broken fingers that had never been treated. After the doctor realized Megan might have suffered from child abuse, the police were informed of the situation. Though Carla initially refused to admit her husband's abuse, she admitted to Kim that Gary often hit Megan.

While Kim waited for Carla to arrive at the hospital, she was confronted by Gary. Gary threatened to turn Kim into the authorities and tell them that she kidnapped Megan and was responsible for Megan's injuries. Gary also told Kim that Carla would back up his accusations. Gary offered Kim the option to run and she took it, contacting her father afterword. When Jack told Kim a nuclear bomb would go off in LA during the day, Kim called her boyfriend Miguel and asked him to help her get Megan and escape from the city.


Kim and Miguel are confronted by Officer Brown


Kim feels threatened by Lonnie McRae

McRae told Kim that he wasn't able to hear any news, due to the nuclear radiation knocking out his radio frequency. When Kim insisted on calling her father, McRae refused for her to do so. Kim eventually got access to a television and realized that Lonnie had been lying to her. She brandished a knife and used it to get Lonnie to release her. Lonnie grabbed the knife from her and told her he only wanted company. He allowed Kim to leave his cabin, but he gave her a firearm and a flashlight in order for her to not run into any danger.


Kim hitchhikes and is horrifed to see the nuclear explosion

Kim walked on the side of the highway and a male driver stopped to give her a lift. Kim became aware the driver wanted something more and she took out her gun and fires at the driver's vehicle. The guy drove off and Kim later got a ride from a woman named Anna. She was very kind to Kim and let Kim use her cell phone to get into contact with her father. Kim called CTU and Tony patched her through to Jack, who was on an airplane.

Jack explained to his daughter that he was on a suicide mission. He was going to fly the nuclear bomb out of the city and have it detonate in the Mojave Desert, as it couldn't be disarmed. Kim was horrified over the prospect of losing her father, and she asked for Anna to pull over. Anna stopped the car and Kim got out, then she headed towards the woods. From the forest, Kim saw the glare from the nuclear explosion and is saddened over her father's death.


Kim is taken hostage by Ramon Garcia.

After she saw the explosion, Kim headed to a convenience store which had just closed for the night. So she used the outside payphone instead but all the lines were jammed from the explosion. The store owner stepped out of the store and asked Kim what she was doing, to which she replied that she needed to use the toilet. He allowed her to enter the store. A few minutes later a man demanded to be let into the store to get some supplies but the owner, Frank Davies, refused to do so. The man, Ramon Garcia, broke the glass window and he grabbed Frank's throat. After she realized people were starting to get paranoid from the explosion and Frank could get hurt, Kim fired her gun in the air and demanded for Garcia to release the owner.

When Garcia began to walk towards Kim, she was unable to shoot him and he grabbed the gun from her. Garcia accidentally shot Frank and the cops arrived. With no other options, Garcia took Kim hostage as she tried to tend to Frank's wounds. Despite her best efforts to save his life, Frank died and Garcia would be charged with murder. Garcia refused to let Kim go until his pregnant wife Lucia was taken out of the city. Kim managed to slip out through the back door and the police raided the store. She was horrified when she heard gun shots inside the store, as she did not wish Garcia to be harmed.


Kim learns that her father is alive

After being questioned about the hostage situation by the police, Kim admitted that she is a suspect in a murder case and escaped from the police a few hours earlier. When Kim arrived at the police station, she was informed that someone had witnessed Gary murdering Carla and that charges against her and Miguel had been dropped. Kim called CTU and spoke with Tony, who revealed to her that her father was still alive. Kim was confused about how the bomb went off in the desert, and Tony revealed that George Mason had taken over as the pilot.

Kim then called Miguel and expressed her feelings to him about her father being alive, Megan being safe, and the charges against them being dropped. Miguel was very cold towards her and didn't show any respect. He broke up with her over the phone and Kim was devastated. Kim was clueless to the fact that Miguel only broke up with her because his leg had been amputated from the earlier car crash.


Kim is relieved to learn her father is alive

As the police drove Kim to the Matheson house, in order for her to pick up her things, Kim decided to call CTU. She asked to speak with her father and Tony patched her through. Kim told Jack that she loved and missed him, and wanted to be a family again. Jack told her that they would soon see each other, but he had to finish the nuclear threat investigation. Kim then arrived at the Matheson home and she asked for the police officer to wait outside, while she packed her belongings.

Unbeknownst to Kim and the police officer, Gary was outside the house, so that he could gather items in order for him to flee the country and skip the murder charges. When he saw the cop, Gary assumed he was there to arrest him and Gary killed him. Gary grabbed the officers gun and his cell phone, and he made a phone call. When Kim called for the officer, Gary heard her and she discovered the officer's body. She hid in the attic, as Gary climbed up the stairs.

Gary came up to the attic with the intention of killing Kim, but she luckily was able to knock him out. She took his gun and cell phone, and she called CTU and asked for her father. Jack demanded that she shoot Gary twice, before he wakes up and was given the chance to kill her. Although she was terrified, Kim shot and killed Gary. An emotional wreck, Kim was told by her father that he would get someone to pick her up.

When Kate Warner arrived at the Matheson home, Kim drew her weapon. Kate proved that Jack sent her and that he trusts her so Kim allows Kate to take her back to CTU. While in the car, Kim questioned Kate on her relationship with Jack. Kate revealed that they only met the previous day and barely knew each other. Kim revealed that all she wanted was to see her father happy.


Kim becomes emotional after seeing her father

After Kim arrived at CTU with Kate, she was informed by Tony that Jack was unreachable, as he was performing an operation in the field. Kim arrived at the colosseum where Jack was being taken to hospital. Kim ran over to Jack and told him how much she loved him. He assured Kim that everything would be all right.

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