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Kimberly's Desktop

Main screen

Kimberly's Desktop was a section of the official 24 website during the airing of season 1. It is an in-universe representation of Kim Bauer's laptop computer, featured in the pilot episode.

Contents Edit

The desktop shows icons for Email Account, Music, Books and Poetry, Chess, Driving, and the Trash. The second version of the desktop also shows an incoming mail message from Sandra Kaylor.

Email Account Edit

Clicking the email icon opens a mock login window, with the username "KimberlyB42" and the password "LIFESUCKS" pre-filled. Initially, the following screen displayed Kim's outbox, but was changed to show her inbox at some point during the airing of Season 1.


Sender Subject Time
Kimberly Bauer I'm online! 12:24 PM
Woo hoo! FINALLY! My own e-mail. They’ll never crack my password and they can’t read my letters!! Now we can stop using code words. YEAH!!

So are we gonna try and get into that bar in H’wood this weekend? Don’t forget I can’t sneak out until they go to bed. I LOVE that I can say that in an email and they don’t know what I’m talking about…

Write back.

Kimberly Bauer re: Top Secret Plans 8:16 AM

FROM: Kimberly Bauer
TO: Janet York
TIME: 8:16 am
SUBJECT: re: Top Secret plans

I know, I know – I’ll be ready. Don’t honk when you’re outside, and turn your headlights off. Not that they’d notice I was gone, anyway. They’re all lovey-dovey since my dad moved back in and it makes me sick. It’s all her fault there were ever any problems. Ugh – I’m never getting married.

Driving lessons after school today. Can’t wait to get my license so I don’t have to be stuck in this hell. I’ll be free!

See you later in Math.


Inbox Edit

Sender Subject Time
Sandra Kaylor Where are you? 4:23 PM

FROM: Sandra Kaylor
TIME: 4:23 pm
SUBJECT: Where are you?

Why weren’t you in History class today?? Did you and Janet ditch and go to the beach? I’m so jealous!!!! Or maybe you guys got busted going out last night and your parents grounded you and made you stay home from school. If so, then you are LUCKY! Fourth period was a snorer, and we had a pop quiz in math.

I just got back from the mall with my mom (lame, I know – but what made it even worse is that I couldn’t find any jeans). I’m dying to talk to you. You’ve got to email me, because I can’t get any calls -- my stupid brother’s hogging the phone. I HAVE to hear all about last night.

Later, babe.

Janet York Top secret plans 8:04 AM

FROM: Janet York
TO: Kimberly Bauer
TIME: 8:04 am
SUBJECT: Top Secret plans

Kim –
You better not bail on me tonight! Dan and Rick are both sophs at SDSU. REAL MEN who know how to party!!!! Not high school idiots!!! (like Vincent) You’ll like Rick – he’s cute.

Remember, we’ve gotta be in the Valley by midnight. I’ll pick you up outside your house. Dress sexy!


Lotsa Books Confirmation of your purchase... 10:41 AM

FROM: Lotsa Books Online
TO: Kimberly Bauer
TIME: 10:41 am
SUBJECT: Confirmation of your purchase – order #1AFF01

Dear Customer:
Thank you for your order of WINNING CHESS STRATEGIES. It will be shipped in 24 hours.

Lotsa Books Online Customer Service

Music Edit

The Music icon opens a word processor file, Music.doc.

Downloaded MP3's for my mix

Puddle of MuddControl P. DiddyBad Boy for Life TRAINDrops of Jupiter FuelHemorrhage (In My Hands) The Dave Matthews BandThe Space Between 2Pac & Snoop Dogg2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted GORRILAZClint Eastwood Macy GraySweet Baby OutkastGasoline Dreams RadioheadKnives Out P.O.D. - Alive Mary J. BligeFamily Affair ColdplayDon’t Panic Alicia KeysGirlfriend Missy "Misdemeanor" ElliottGet UR Freak On LifehouseHanging By a Moment StaindIt’s Been Awhile SalivaYour Disease Destiny's ChildEmotion Sum 41Fat Lip System of a DownChop Suey

Books and Poetry Edit

The Books and Poetry icon opens a word processor file, Books.doc.

Books for Being Serious
Less Than Zero, Bret Easton Ellis
The Color Purple, Alice Walker
The Beach, Alex Garland
Franny & Zooey, J.D. Salinger
Nausea, Jean-Paul Sartre
The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

Books for Being Not So Serious Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy & Awesome, Bobbi Brown & Annmarie Iverson Get over It: How to Survive Breakups, Back-Stabbing Friends, and Bad Haircuts, Beth Mayall The Real Rules for Girls, Mindy Morgenstern

Chess Edit

The Chess icon opens in a new window an external website, an outline of chess strategies by international chess champion Jon Edwards hosted by Princeton University (now defunct).

Driving Edit

The Driving icon opens a word processor file, Driving.doc, containing a sample California drivers' license test (Class C).

Trash Edit

The trash contains the following unopenable items:

  • Janet's Attitude.doc
  • Vincent's new tattoo designs
  • Notes - US History midterm
  • List of Freshman Year Goals
  • Directions to Becca's Rave
  • Letter to Nicki
  • Possible Dates for Freshman Dance
  • MP3 mix - June 2000

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