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Kintu was a lieutenant in General Juma's People's Freedom Army during Redemption.

Redemption Edit

Lt. Kintu and a group of subordinates were positioned on a road to maintain a checkpoint not far from the Okavango School. They stopped a United Nations van being driven by Charles Solenz and bloodied his face. Solenz claimed he had news about Youssou Dubaku, a rebel leader, so Kintu radioed Youssou's brother, Iké Dubaku, who was a colonel and second-in-command of the rebels. Kintu informed Iké that Youssou had been killed, but Solenz was willing to give up the location of the killer. The colonel was outraged, but Solenz gave him intelligence on how to find Jack Bauer and Carl Benton.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was not specified if Kintu and his men detained, murdered, or set Solenz free.

Live appearancesEdit

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