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La Strada was an Italian restaurant on San Vicente Boulevard in West Los Angeles, California. It was built into the ground floor of a highrise office building.

On one visit to the restaurant, Jack and Teri Bauer got into a major argument during the meal. When Jack rose to make a "big exit," he inadvertently ran into a passing waiter, causing him to drop a tray full of water glasses.

After Jack Bauer came under threat from MS-13 members inside the Federal Holding Facility, he staged a prison riot and broke out with Emil Ramirez, his connection to a wanted terrorist. Unable to convince Christopher Henderson that he was working undercover, Jack was forced to call Teri at home, telling her to find a saddlebag in the garage and leave it outside La Strada. To be safe, he only referred to it as the place they had had the memorable fight once before. Unknown to either, corrupt CTU agent Peter Jiminez was monitoring Teri's house and followed her to the drop-off point, allowing him to alert MS-13 leader Smiley Lopez to Jack's location.

Jack and Ramirez arrived at the abandoned restaurant after 2:00 in the morning, and were startled to find that Teri was still there waiting for them. Jack went through the bag's contents, including a Sig Sauer and ammunition. Suddenly, a car pulled up and the three came under fire in a drive-by shooting. Throwing Teri and Ramirez to the ground, Jack returned fire, managing to hit the driver and forcing the car to speed away. Jack told Teri, terrified, to return home, then left to go meet Ramirez's boss, Vanowen. (Chaos Theory)