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This article lists all the real-life shooting locations for 24: Legacy. It was filmed mainly in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, although the pilot and prequel were filmed in Los Angeles. For the other seasons, see filming locations on 24.





The Raid Edit

Compound Edit

The Raid main

The street of the compound

The scenes at Ibrahim Bin-Khalid's compound were shot at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, on their "third world street" location.

Google-maps Google Maps link, picture of street

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

Ranger's house Edit

10x01 Ranger house

Langdon Avenue

The opening scene of the episode in the Army Ranger's house was filmed at 6616 Langdon Avenue in Van Nuys.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Eric Carter's house Edit

10x01 Carter house

Eric Carter's house

All of the scenes at Eric Carter's house were filmed at 6544 Langdon Avenue in Van Nuys, 4 houses down from the Ranger's house from the first scene.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Capitol steps Edit

10x01 Capitol steps

City Hall steps with Capitol wall added

When Rebecca Ingram enters the United States Capitol, the scene was filmed on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall on Spring Street with green screens showing the Washington Monument in the distance and the west face of the Capitol over the top of the City Hall.

Google-maps Link for LA location
Google-maps Link for Capitol building

Capitol interior Edit

10x01 Capitol interior

Nixon Library

The scenes inside the Capitol were all filmed at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, CA. The awards ceremny takes place in the replica East Room of the White House that is located there.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Street Edit

10x01 Grimes street

E 4th Place

When Ben Grimes calls Eric Carter, he is walking along East 4th Place in Downtown LA.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Carter driving Edit

10x01 Carter driving

Woodley Park

The shots of Eric Carter driving in this episode show his car traveling south down Woodley Avenue in Woodley Park.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Lockers Edit

10x01 Grimes on phone

Willow Street

The scene of Ben Grimes retrieving the strongbox and speaking to his sister on the phone was shot at Willow Studios at 1335 Willow Street. After exiting the building, Grimes walks west.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Pershing High School Edit

10x01 Pershing High

Corridor of Grant High School

The scenes set at Pershing High School were filmed at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen.

Google-maps Google Maps link, picture of corridor

Housing projects Edit

10x01 projects

Looking south

When Eric Carter drops off his wife with Isaac, he parks on Cardinal Street by the William Mead Homes. The interior scene between Isaac and Nicole was also shot here, in building 22 on the corner.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Bus stop Edit

10x01 bus stop

Molino Street

When Grimes gets onto a bus, he is waiting on Molino Street, just around the corner from the street he called Eric from.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Washington Union Station Edit

10x01 train depot

Looking east

The scenes of Eric Carter finding Ben Grimes at Washington Union Station were filmed at a train depot at Butte Street Junction in Los Angeles. They run into a warehouse and under a parked train.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Construction site Edit

10x01 construction site

Building on 9th Street

After they emerge from under the train, the location switches to a construction site between San Pedro Street and E 9th Street in Downtown LA. In one of the final shots of Eric looking into the distance, a Washington skyline has been digitally added.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Alley Edit

10x01 alley

Grimes escapes

The alley that Ben Grimes walks down in the final scene was just off San Julian Street by the construction site. He turns left and walks towards Olympic Boulevard after hanging up.

Google-maps Google Maps link

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit

Under the bridge Edit

10x02 train tracks

Looking south

The opening shots of the episode show Eric Carter avoiding the police just south of the Peters Street Bridge in Castleberry Hill. He then walks under the bridge from the north, speaks to a homeless man and runs south again by the train tracks.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Grimes first call Edit

10x02 Grimes on phone

Grimes speaks to Carter

When Ben Grimes speaks to Eric Carter at the start of the episode, he is standing on the walkway of the building directly above where Carter is standing, just off Peters Street.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Housing projects Edit

10x02 projects

Isaac's house

The exterior location of Isaac Carter's housing projects has changed to Collier Heights Apartments in Atlanta.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Mansion Edit

10x02 mansion

Briarcliff mansion

The scenes of Jadalla Bin-Khalid and his terrorist cell were shot at Briarcliff Mansion at 1260 Briarcliff Rd.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Pershing High School Edit

10x02 school gym

The gym

The scenes at Pershing High School have switched to being filmed at the old site of the B.E.S.T. Academy at 1820 Mary Deli Dr SE in Atlanta. The school moved to a new building in 2009.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Motorcade Edit

10x02 Davis Drive

The sign for Davis Drive

In the second act-in clock, there is a shot of John Donovan's motorcade driving west on Northside Drive in Sandy Springs, past the turning for Davis Drive. The camera then zooms in on the house at 825 Davis Drive, but in the next shot the house switches to a different location.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Donovan house Edit

10x02 Donovan house

3944 Tuxedo Road

The scenes at John Donovan's fundraiser were shot at 3944 Tuxedo Road in Chastain Park.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Second bridge Edit

10x02 under bridge

Under the Interstate 20

After Carter kidnaps the two cops, he fits them with explosives under the Interstate 20 bridge that passes over Northside Drive in Castleberry Hill.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Police precinct parking Edit

10x02 police station

Williams St

As Eric Carter is driven into the police station, the car drives into the 236 Williams Street parking garage. A building has been digitally imposed on top, with the skyline of Minneapolis visible in the background. The scene in the police parking garage was filmed in this garage.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Salvage yard Edit

10x02 salvage yard

Royo speaks to Aisha

The scene of Royo speaking to Aisha was filmed at the salvage yard outside of the Lifecycle Building Center at 1116 Murphy Ave SW in Atlanta.

Google-maps Google Maps link

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit

Donovan house Edit

10x03 Donovan house

3944 Tuxedo Road

Again the scenes at John Donovan's house were shot at 3944 Tuxedo Road in Chastain Park.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Housing projects Edit

10x03 projects

Isaac's house

The same establishing shot of Isaac Carter's housing projects at Collier Heights Apartments is shown in this episode, and the exterior scenes were filmed there.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Rebecca driving Edit

10x03 posh house

1150 W Garmon Road

As Rebecca Ingram is driving to John Donovan's fundraiser, her car is driving east on W Garmon Road in Sandy Springs, and the camera lingers on the house at 1150.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Mansion Edit

10x03 terrorist mansion

Hamid tracks Ben Grimes

Again, the scene at Jadalla Bin-Khalid's hideout were shot at Briarcliff Mansion at 1260 Briarcliff Rd.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Pershing High School Edit

10x03 soccer field

The soccer field

The scenes at Pershing High School were again shot at 1820 Mary Deli Dr SE. Drew Phelps collapses on the field north of the school.

Google-maps Google Maps link

7th Street Metro Station Edit

10x03 7th Street station

Hamilton E. Holmes station

The scenes at the 7th Street Metro Station were shot at the Hamilton E. Holmes station in Atlanta. Carter gets on a train on platform 2, and when he exits the train at the next station, footage of this same platform was used.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Following the train Edit

10x03 road by train tracks

Murphy Avenue

The shots of Keith Mullins and the CTU vehicles pursuing the train show them driving on Murphy Avenue, right by the salvage yard that Julian Royo's scenes are set at.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Mullins arriving Edit

10x03 Mullins arrives

Peachtree Street

Mullins drives out of Ellis Street onto Peachtree Street, then drives round the entrance to Peachtree Statio and parks on Carnegie Way outside the Atlanta Fulton Library.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Train station Edit

10x03 Peachtree station

Peachtree station

The scenes inside the train station where Ben Grimes retrieves the thumb drive were shot at Peachtree Center Station in Downtown Atlanta. However, once they leave the platform the scenes in the train tunnel and adjoining stairwell were shot in the studio.

Google-maps Google Maps link

Outside the station Edit

10x03 Williams St

Williams St

Eric Carter pursues the terrorists down Williams St in Downtown Atlanta, running northwest before getting hit by a car at the intersection with Cone St. Jadalla Bin-Khalid doubles back on himself and gets picked up on Williams Street near the intersection with Fairlie.

Google-maps Google Maps link

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