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You may be looking for Peter Lenkov or Lenkov from Day 4.

Lenkov was an SVR operative working with Arkady Bazin to track down and kill Jack Bauer.

Lenkov was contacted by Bazin after Bauer arrived in Los Angeles. He and the rest of Bazin's team cornered Stephen Wesley at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and told him to lead Bauer down to the basement, or else they'd kill Kim Bauer and their daughter. Stephen complied, and the operatives ambushed Bauer in a storeroom and tied him to a chair. Lenkov used his phone to record Bazin as he was about to execute Bauer, only to be interrupted when Ziminova received a call saying that the hit on Bauer had been called off. Bazin tried to kill Bauer regardless, up until they were interrupted a second time when Stephen arrived in the storeroom. Lenkov assaulted Stephen just as Bauer broke free and got into another fight with the operatives. As they wrestled over Lenkov's gun, Bauer spun himself around just as Bazin fired at him. Instead of hitting Bauer, Bazin inadvertently shot and killed Lenkov. (Deadline)

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